“fantastic and friendly service both online and over the phone. 100% transparent service and help along the way!”
Jody B
“Just wanted to say THANK YOU! our installation went quite well, and service is amazing. I have been spreading the word about your company...and amazing service!”
“Merry Christmas to Net Live Staff. We had our new cable service installed yesterday afternoon...and are SOOOOOO HAPPY! Great price, installation quick, and easy to set up......and such fast speeds. Thank You!!!”
Jerry J
“This case is great. Mirror on the back and fits my iphone perfectly. Thanks. I will buy again.”
Sally S,
“I was with Magic Jack and I thought they were the best deal in town until I found you guys. With a free phone line I am saving a ton. I know i have pay the 911 fee but it is still cheaper. Thanks I have told my friend about this. ”
“I am getting the exact same speed that I got from my previous provider but am paying 20% less. This is great keep it up. ”
Julie K
“I was paying $230 per month with Cogeco and I switched to Net Live and now paying 77.95. This really is a great deal. I have told people at work already and they are signing up as well. Best part my price is locked so it wont go up for 36 months guaranteed. Very happy. ”
Marc F
“I run a restaurant in Windsor and I was paying more for just phone and now I am saving about 20% and getting phone and internet. The internet is a basic package but it has sure sped up my debit machine. (which is through Net Live as well) Thanks guys great Service!”

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