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Port in fields are optional.

Some carriers can take up to 4 days to port.

Please put in the information below to activate your SIM card. We require all fields to be filled out in to activate. Please note, activations take 1-5 hours (Monday – Friday, 9AM to 5PM, EST) excluding holidays.

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Found on small card or under longest bar code.
If porting your number to us, please also fill out below as well.

To Port in a Number

All cell phone accounts have an account number, even pre-paid accounts. If you are a pre-paid customer, please call your current carrier to get your number.
Agreement *
Porting a number to our Data and digital voice plans will take 3-5 business days to complete. Please use the number you were given at sign up until your number ports. Please DO NOT cancel your current provider until your number is ported and working on your new service with us. We can not port a number from a closed / cancelled account. First month, SIM card, and activation are not refundable. To activate your account we have to pay these fees to the carrier to get your account started and send out your SIM.

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