Installation is quick. As long as we are up and running in your area we can have you installed in 5 to 7 working days (mon-fri) for DSL and Cable. Phone can be set up quicker depending on the complexity of the programming.

We offer two types of internet. Cable and DSL. We give our customers the very best service in their area. We can offer you the best speed that is available in your area.

Yes you can. All phone numbers either residential or business can all be ported to our system. Even if you have a cell phone number and want to transfer it to a digital line we have you covered and can make it happen. That goes for US phone numbers as well.

Once your new services are fully installed and you have confirmed with us that your phone numbers have ported over from your current provider you are now able to cancel your service.

Our rental program allows customers to enjoy our service for little to no money upfront for equipment and installation. All our rental plans come with full manufacturer warranty and extended warranty after the manufacturer warranty ends. Plans include upgrades for latest and greatest equipment based on our upgrade schedule. The rental plan give you full piece of mind knowing that you are covered.

Changes can be made anytime to your account. Contact support at [email protected]

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