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Looking for Expert support, the Net Live Online VIP support Plan provides unlimited access to Net Live’s expert support.  We pride ourselves with offering the very best value in phone  and internet service.  We work hard to ensure that we keep our prices as low as possible.  With that said there is a need for customers to have a higher level of support and with our VIP support plan you can have just that, the great low price you have come to love with Net Live and the support you want.  This will cover all phone and internet including everything wifi attached to your service.  Most companies will have basic coverage on the modem but will not support any devices that are not bought from them, well with our VIP support we will cover “Everything WIFI”, printers, phones, tablets, computers and more.  Plus now includes set up help for any HDTV antennas purchased from us.  Our regular price per occurrence is $49.  Now you won’t have to worry about higher costs.  Our package comes on a low monthly price.


  • Advanced support for your phone with an expert technician
  • Cover all advanced residential phone set ups including voicemail, caller id, advanced features, ring tones, messages and much more
  • Wifi support for everything that is wifi in your home
  • Modem /router programming – including, custom password and SSID’s, guest networks, range extenders, putting router into bridge mode
  • Printer, computer, tablet and phone wifi set up
  • TV antenna set up
  • Sessions with expert technicians are based on up to 30 minutes per occurrence

*tech time is based on set appointments for customization and changes.  Plan term is a minimum of 12 months.  Auto renews after term period.

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