Authorized Agent Membership $99+tax per month -(Store In Store)


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Authorized Agent Program Membership  $99+tax per month – Store Location 

Welcome to Net Live and your new life style.  At Net Live we are changing everything.  The way people use and pay for services and the way our Authorized Agents live life.  This is the first step to financial independence.   You will receive a phone box with 1 phone line that have a full PBX system with unlimited North American calling, voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail to email and more.  You will also receive 1 email address for yourself.  If you have a team of sales people other email addresses are available for $2 per month per email address.  60 month renewable term.

Store plan comes with iPad order taker, Sign, poster and display.

How It works

Sign customers up for services and earn commissions up front and residuals for the life of the customer.

Authorized Agents can start by make a little extra income.   As your residuals grow so does your earning potential. Once you are in our Leadership program you can earn great bonuses such as free internet, yearly trips, cars and even get your house paid for on a monthly basis.

Residual income is the key to long term financial success. Keep earning income for years after you sign up for customers.

Sign up customers earn $50 commission

+ Earn 5% monthly residual income

+ CO-OP Advertising $10 earned for each internet activation

+ Leadership ranks (as you reach volume levels you will earn the higher rank rewards)

– Bronze- Earn Residual and Commissions

+ Silver- Earn Free Internet (up to $50 per month credit)

+ Gold- Earn annual travel voucher – Receive $1200 each year towards travel.

+ Platinum- Car Reward- Earn $500 per month towards paying for your car.

+ Diamond- House Reward- Earn $1250 per month towards paying for your home.

*See program agreement for full details.